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NTSA Vehicle Inspection Booking Procedure and Fees

NTSA Vehicle Inspection Booking Procedure and Fees

Thanks to the internet, you can now initiate the process of motor vehicle inspection by the National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA) at your own convenience. All that is required of you is a good internet connection and the procedure that you are required to follow. By having an account on TIMS, the NTSA Citizen Self-Service Portal, inspection booking is now at your fingertips.

3 things are important to have before you start your vehicle inspection booking procedure

  1. Some money in your preferred mobile money service, KCB bank, credit card or debit card
  2. The car that requires inspection
  3. Available for inspection or at least have a representative to be present during the inspection

Wondering how much you are supposed to have for complete payment?

Effective 1st April 2018, NTSA regulations required that applicants for car inspection be charged Kshs. 1000 for booking + Kshs. 700 for third plate sticker + Kshs. 50 as a convenience charge. The total is Kshs. 1750.

If you do not have a TIMS account, please sign up for one as this is the only way to access NTSA inspection booking services online. Proceed as below if you have a TIMS account;

  1. Click on the vehicle inspection tab
  2. New car owners or those whose car details are not on TIMS should click on ‘new car booking’ then followed by filling the car’s customs entry number.
  3. In case you are interested in having yearly inspection, click on ‘annual booking’ then provide the registration number for the car.
  4. If booking inspection for a registered car or one that has been inspected before, check the box at the front end of the car details.
  5. Make payment using your preferred method and click on ‘complete’
  6. A receipt that confirms payment will be sent to you. Print it.
  7. Click on the booking tab and select your preferred inspection center from the list provided.
  8. Pick on a time that is convenient for you. NTSA will deactivate time slots that have already been booked.
  9. Go back to the vehicle inspection page and click on ‘details’ for a summary of your booking

All the details in your booking summary will remain true to the day of the inspection unless canceled. It is not uncommon for reservations to change within 24 hours of a booking date and time. Nonetheless, prepare for the inspection by preparing your car and availing it and the representative on the day and time booked for inspection.

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