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Driving Test Questions

Driving Test Questions

Driving School Test Questions In Kenya

In the course of learning how to drive, there are a number of test questions which a learner is supposed to get right. These questions are relevant because they help your doctor know your road-worthiness. It is important that you are conversant with traffic rules and are well acquainted with first aid skills. Below is a list of the questions you will be asked in your driving test exam. 

Define what Dim Lights are?

Explain what parking dim lights are.

Explain what full lights are.

Explain what hazard lights are.

Explain what Indicator lights are.

Explain what brake lights are.

What is the best time to put the lights during day time?

NTSA Driving license Test Questions 

Driving Test Questions and Answers for your DL

When do we dim our lights at night?

In what instance are you supposed not to hoot? 

Define the meaning of a vehicle?

Explain what a plan is. 

What do you do before getting out of the vehicle?

Name four important parts to be maintained in a car?

Name the side which you ought to overtake from in Kenya?

State the three documents which ought to be valid before you are allowed to drive?

Name the vehicles which have right of way?

When driving in town, what is the highest driving speed?

Define the Highway Code?

List the things you look for when driving past stationary vehicles?

State the four most important tools that you ought to carry when driving?

What are the three major causes of accidents in Kenya?

How many wheels are there in a saloon car?

State the number of eyes that a driver usually has?

What is the first you ought to do after receiving your driving license for the first time?

When there is a white continuous line down a one-way traffic road what does it mean?

Explain the period within which an accident ought to be reported at a police station?

What are the various instances where the law requires you to stop?

When driving, what are the instances when you ought to use the mirror when driving?

How many groups are Class A signs subdivided into? (State the groups and cite one example)

Give the other name given of a give way sign?

Differentiate between a street and an avenue? 

Define what a pedestrian crossing is. 

Explain the rules of the model town board? 

Define who a pedestrian is. 

Explain the rule of the road in Kenya?

When do you switch on light in the evening?

When is parking disallowed? 

State the four areas you are not allowed to stop?

Where should you not overtake?

Define a caravan?

What do you do when approaching uncontrolled railway crossing at?

Name four common types of errors made when approaching a roundabout?

What are four ways to keep your vehicle roadworthy?

Explain how you would approach a pedestrian crossing? 

When driving on a highway, what should be your maximum driving speed limit?

Which are the instances where you would not allowed to drive regardless of whether you have the three valid required documents?

Explain how the steering wheel is held clockwise?

What are you supposed to do when crossing by when the traffic lights are green then suddenly changes to amber?

What turning position at the junction is correct?

Explain the meaning of the green arrow filter on the traffic lights? 

What distance are you supposed to keep between two moving vehicles in town?

Define the meaning of the letter EAK, as present in the outer cover of a driving license?

Explain how a driver ought to control himself in an uncontrolled roundabout? 

Define the meaning of AMBER which keeps on flushing every now and then in the traffic lights?

Write down four ways of holding a steering wheel wrongly?

What is the name given to anybody carrying a sign of STOP CHILDREN CROSSING?

Why do we normally press down the clutch peddle when engaging tea?

Define the purpose of looking right twice when approaching a junction? 

Define the three-point turn in driving?

Describe the warning sign?

Are you supposed to obey a police officer who stops you when the traffic lights show green? 

Define a hard shoulder way?

In the event that you get into a road accident in the middle of the road, which is the correct mechanical signal should put on? 

Define an ”engine”?

Explain the main use of the following documents

      Driving license = 

      Insurance certificate = 

     Vehicle inspection certificate = 

What is coasting?

Jot down two caravan examples 

What are the mechanical signals of a saloon car?

Why is it important to insure all vehicles?

Define PDL?

Why are speed governors and safety belts in use today?

Explain how you would cross a river bed crossing like a professional driver.

It is worth noting that this list is not arranged in any specific order but either broadly covers the different types of questions that you are likely to be asked in a driving test. After finishing your driving course successfully, it is important that you keep re-reading all the road safety rules in order to ensure proper mastery. Also, different driving schools frame their questions differently but all in all, they test the same thing. See how to get a certificate of good conduct.

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