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How to Register on the TIMS NTSA Platform

How to Register on the TIMS NTSA Platform

Most people think that the only function of NTSA is to hunt down drunk drivers using the infamous breathalyzer (alco-blow). Well, NTSA is a government-appointed task force that is charged with the responsibility of ensuring safe and responsible road use. Using its TIMS portal, NTSA has given the common road user access to its services.

Before you visit TIMS for any form of registration, make sure that you have your KRA pin, mobile phone number, and ID card. The first step on how to subscribe to NTSA TIMS using the TIMS customer portal is to register for an account.

Is registration for everyone?

Yes, if you have a car. NTSA advise that you register on the TIMS portal because as of 2016, they will be offering services through an online platform. Some of the services that car owners should anticipate once registered are;

  • Car Registration
  • NTSA new driving license application
  • Car ownership transfer
  • Change of car ownership particulars
  • Duplicate Logbook application
  • Application of reflective number plate
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Online registration number or the chassis number car search

This is the process;

On your internet browser, go directly to ntsa.go.ke

  • The page the opens will give you two options to proceed with; NTSA index page or TIMS portal. Registration is done on the TIMS portal so click on that option
  • Another route you can use to get to this page is to type in tims.ntsa.go.ke directly on your browser.
  • The TIMS portal will present you with 3 options with which to proceed;
  • Sign in using eCitizen – this is for those who already have an account at eCitizen.
  • Sign in your TIMS account – this is for those who already registered and therefore have active accounts.
  • Register for TIMS – this option is for first-time visitors of TIMS. Having this account allows users to access all of the services listed above. Click on this option and you are directed to an eRegister form. Note that this form is used by all users of TIMS. You need to specify if you are an individual, Agent, Dealer, Company or financial institution.
tims registration

As an individual, you will be required to fill;

  1. Identity card serial number (DO NOT ENTER YOUR ID NO)
  2. KRA PIN no
  3. Your Mother’s maiden name
  4. Occupation
  5. Phone number (Click on the button next to this field to have a verification code sent to your phone number)
  6. Input the code in the verification field to complete the registration
  7. Open the home page tims.ntsa.go.ke to Sign In
NTSA TIMS registration

If you are wondering how to subscribe to NTSA SMS, click on the subscribe SMS option at the top of the registration page. You will receive SMS status messages on any pending applications on the NTSA portal.

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